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WSS Crack Sealant

Material Profile

WSS Crack Sealant, composed of epoxy group high molecular material, modified amine hardener and light active filler, is a two-component structural adhesive that is applied to sealing material of grouting repair for concrete cracks and fast sealing material for crazing. Its performanceindicators meet the requirements of national standard GB 50728-2011"Technical Specification of Safety Appraisal for Engineering Structure Reinforcement Material ".

Performance Feature

1. It is featured with light weight and cohesion, good sagging resistance, which is applied to sealing for the vertical surface of concrete and roof cracks.

2. The strength of solidified sealant and its bonding strength with concrete are stronger than concrete strength, which is suitable for crack structural repair.


Application Field

1. Grouting sealing for cracks;

2. Fast repair and sealing for crazing.


Construction Technology

Surface cleaning→preparation of sealant→sealing→curing


Material Consumption

1. Mix ratio: A:B=3:1

2. Consumption: It is calculated based on length and width of per-unit crack.


Package and Storage

1. Package: 20kg/group or customized package.

2. It should be kept in cool and dry condition with 12-month shelf life.

3. It is safe, nontoxic, and nonflammable substance that can meet the requirements of civil aviation and railway.


Application Case



    The bridge crack of Ningbo section of Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway is sealed with WSS crack sealant.


WSS crack sealant is applied to repair and reinforce cracks of the concrete pipe walls of Weishui inverted siphon in Baojixia irrigation area, Shaanxi Province.