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WEP Construction Structural Adhesive for Crack Sealing

Material Profile

WEP Construction Structural Adhesive for Crack Sealing, a caulking material of low viscosity, appropriate curing time, and high bonding strength, will ensure that the damaged part of enough strength can resume the integrity of concrete members, and the new cracks will emerge at the original section when it is damaged again. It can be divided into Component A and B. The performance of hardened adhesive can meet the safety standard indicators of crack-sealing material in GB50728-2011“Technical Speculations of Safety Appraisal for Reinforcement Material of Engineering Structure”.


Performance Feature

1. Low adhesiveness and easy to grout;

2. Moderate operation time and easy to apply;

3. High strength, stronger structure after repair.

Application Field

1. Reinforcement and grouting repair for various structural cracks, including beams, slabs, pillars of concrete structure, basements, bridges, and highways;

2. Grouting and bonding for hollow parts of granite and ceramic tile;

3. Repair and bonding for various metal, woodwork, porcelain, rubber, glass and part of plastic materials.


Construction Technology

Crack cleaning and sealing→preparation→pressurized grouting→curing→quality inspection


Material Consumption

1. Mix ratio: A:B=3:1

2. Consumption: It is calculated based on length, width, and depth of per-unit crack.


Package and Storage

1. Package: 20kg/group

2. It should be kept in cool and dry condition with 12-month shelf life and should be tested according to enterprise production standard when 12 months is expired. If its physical and mechanical properties are up to the standard, the adhesive is still used.

3. It is a safe, nontoxic and nonflammable substance that can meet the transportation need for civil aviation, railway and highway.




Application Case

Maintenance and reinforcement project for Tanghe Bridge, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway



The crack of permanent lock water gallery in Three Gorges Project