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Masters of retrofitting buildings

WUDA JUCHENG STRUCTURE CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Jucheng Structure), a mixed ownership enterprise initiated and established by Wuhan University and a team of professors, is a national high-tech enterprise registered at the SAIC on Dec. 8th, 1999.

The headquarter, situated at Wuhan University Science and Technology Park, is composed of a 19-storey office block of As-cast Finish Concrete and a production base built with Jucheng Structure's own patents. With Jucheng Research Institute, Marketing Branch, Inspection Branch, Designing Branch, Material Branch, and Engineering Branch, we have integrated R&D, inspection and appraisal, designing and consultation, marketing and construction, forming a complete industry chain. Our marketing network is divided into Central and Southern China Region, North China Region, South China Region, East China Region, Southwest Region, and Northeast Region, with which their branch offices have been respectively affiliated in 27 provincial cities and municipalities across China. 

Jucheng has applied for and obtained 300 international and domestic innovative patents, compiled 7 CECS standards and 6 Hubei provincial standards, and co-edited 16 national and industrial standards featuring its own patents and won the main honors, including “Model Working Face” awarded by China Three Gorges Corporation, “Model Enterprise of Intellectual Property Commercialization” awarded by MIIT, Grand Prize of China Hydropower Science and Technology, and one of the backup listed enterprises in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone.

Our main business has provided the overall rehabilitation for existing buildings, including structural improvements in functions and appearance, structural reinforcement, and environmental protection and durability. Besides, we have production standards and various qualifications in place, and completed more than 6,000 cases of rehabilitation projects, covering industrial and civil buildings, energy, transportation, water conservancy, and municipal works.

Our innovative highlight aims to transform old buildings into modern counterparts through our comprehensive strength in science and technology, thus achieving the optimum value for customers, reducing the construction waste to the maximum and creating the livable environment for human beings.

With the best service for customers, Jucheng has stepped up efforts to be the Artist of Architecture Rehabilitation!