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Fair-faced Decorative Mortar

Material Profile

1. DMS Fair-faced Decorative Mortar is a new decorative material that is designed to easily achieve the decorative effect of fair-faced concrete that is featured with strict technological requirements, long construction period and high project cost.

2. DMS Fair-faced Decorative Mortar and its supporting protective coating adopt unique construction technology (flapping and color modification), which can easily produce the same color, texture and decorative elements as fair-faced concrete on the existing substrate, plaster layer, artificial plate and other building bases.

3. The application of DMS Fair-faced Decorative Mortar and its supporting coating reduces the appearance defects of the decorative surface, lowers the construction difficulty, shortens the construction period, and greatly reduces the cost of achieving the decorative effect of fair-faced concrete.

Its performance indicators meet the requirements of industrial standard JC/T 1024-2007“Decorative Mortar for Walls”.


Performance Feature

1. Wide range of application: It can be applied to the existing ordinary concrete wall, plaster layer and artificial plate andother building bases.

2. Excellent decorative effect: It can work with fair-faced concrete protective coating, which can achieve the unique texture and color of fair-faced concrete, and can also produce decorative elements, such as artificial eye, outseam, zen seam and others.

3. Long service life: High bonding strength, strong hydrophobicity, 20+ years service life without efflorescence or fading.

Application Field

Without any restrictions on the texture or shape of substrate, it is applicable to indoor and outdoor decoration, and the surface of internal and external walls, beams, columns, floor slabs and other components of the buildings, and the failure of pouring fair-faced concrete.


Construction Method

Architectural design → substrate cleaning → substrate leveling (optional) → gap division→ mixing→ application → false eye and division gap forming → gauze polishing → application of matching protective coating (including transparent primer, semi-transparent intermediate coating, false eye coloring and top coating)


Material Consumption

On the substrate with ≤3mm/2m planeness and verticality, each 1㎡wall (2 ~ 3mm construction thickness) is applied with 2.5-3.0kg dry powder of fair-faced decorative mortar ( twice).

Package and Storage

It is a hydraulic and active powder material packed with moisture-proof compound bag (40 kg/bag NW). It should be kept in dampproof, waterproof, dry and sealed condition with 6 months shelf life.




Application Case

Decorative mortar for pharmaceutical factory of Haite Industrial Park, Wuhan

  Arch coating for entrance and exit of Line 2 metro station, Wuhan



Renovation for exterior walls of several buildings in Guanyinge Reservoir, Liaoning Province

  Interior decoration for Yuanyi Boutique Hotel, Tongling City