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Inspection for Non-road-closure Bridge

 1. About Inspection for Non-road-closure Bridge


The first non-road-closure bridge maintenance vehicle of commercial use can inspect, maintain and reinforce the bridge without road closure or traffic restrictions. This technology has not only been applied to the special highway project of the Three Gorges Project, but also awarded the international patent for invention. The vehicle is composed of C-type frame, working platform truss, six-wing helicopter and truck with crane. With the truck with crane, the workers occupy the road temporarily and assemble C-type frame and working platform truss under the lower traffic flow. The operators lead the rope to cross the bottom of the bridge with the remote-controlled six-wing helicopter, install C-type frame and counterweight on both sides of the bridge, connect the hanging basket crossing the bottom of the bridge to the C-type frame, remove the counterweight, lift the hanging basket, and install the ladder. Subsequently, the operators get into and work in the hanging basket and the truck with crane leaves to make way for the lanes. The workers operate from a working platform of trusses under the bridge. As the vehicle moves forward, the workers gradually carry out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the structure under the bridge. Encountered with a lamp post or stay cable, the vehicle avoids obstacles and completes continuous work by moving 3 telescopic cantilevers in turns.


2.     Cases of Inspection